Crown Reduction

Crown reduction is a service we provide for trees that have become too large for its surroundings.
The crown consists of all the branches and foliage that diverge from the trunk of the tree. Sometimes the crown can become excessive. You may want to reduce this if it has grown outside of the available space (e.g. hanging branches over a fence, the height becoming too close to a power line). It might be that the crown is reduced for aesthetic purposes – this is known as vista pruning.

A large crown causes stress on the trunk as the weight may cause it to collapse. If this is the case, you can contact our specialists who have the right equipment and capability to selectively remove branches. This process should not be done without training, which is required in knowing how to shape the tree in order to maintain equilibrium. The shape is vital for the survival of the tree and lopping off the wrong sections of a tree if it has surpassed its height limit can actually be extremely damaging. This can hinder its growth or cause an overbalance.

If you are concerned that your tree’s crown is too large and you live in the Horsham or Wimmera district, you can contact us at 0428 833 232 and we can give an expert assessment. We’ve had years to hone our skills in tree pruning and are happy to help you as qualified arborists.

It should be noted that crown reduction is used as a last resort. It is possible this method will cause stem wounds which can lead to decay.