Hedge Trimming

Hedges can become a major hassle to maintain, but we at Nelson Tree Services are more than happy to trim it for you.

A neatly trimmed hedge is popular in suburban areas for its looks. It can complete a garden and give it a touch of class. A disorderly hedge can cause the whole garden to lose its charm.

Hedges are essentially an organic fence. They are excellent for privacy as there are very minute gaps between the foliage. Hedges are sturdy as they have a high density, are close to the ground and are rooted deeply within the soil. Its sturdiness blocks structures, people and other plant life from heavy winds.

However, it requires routine work to preserve its structure. If overgrown, especially on a footpath, it may be harmful to passers-by as small twigs that are protruding may graze their skin or clothes. This is why it is important to keep the hedge cleanly cut. This technique does not damage the hedge in any way – it will continue to grow back as long as it receives enough sunlight, water and nutrients. But if it grows too far, it might be incapable of returning to its ideal shape.

If you’d like your hedge trimmed, Nelson’s Tree Services is available in Horsham and Wimmera. We offer routine maintenance or have a one-time trimming. We have all the proper tools and skills to design a hedge that will look great. If you have any concerns, feel free to pose them in our Contact Us page or call 0428 833 232.