Phone Line Clearence

Your tree may require removal or selectively cutting branches if it is within 1.5 metre radius of a power line. Selective cutting will require more maintenance as the branches will keep growing back. However it may be a better alternative than removing the entirety of the tree because the tree can be kept for aesthetic purposes and because trees are important for the environment, but either option is viable. If you don’t know which is best for your tree, our professionals can assess the situation and take the necessary course of action.

The safe clearance zone has been introduced to reduce the hazard of the heat from the electricity flowing through the power line burning the tree. If a tree is close to a damaged power line, this can be even more detrimental as the water inside the tree is capable of overheating and bursting the tree and/or cause fire. And it’s not just overheating that is dangerous. Trees can also be bad for power lines. If a tree is structurally unstable, it can fall and damage the phone line, therefore disabling all of the neighbouring properties from its source of electricity.

Nelson’s Tree Services will help you keep a healthy and safe environment for your trees. We manage trees with care and understand how to remove or cut them without affecting the growth of the tree. Our specialists have the proper equipment to do this and are trained in tree handling. We have years of experience behind us and are willing to assist you. It is requested you do not do this yourself as it is a major danger to your health and safety, especially with taller trees.

If you find that a tree is within 1.5 metres of a phone line, please contact us. We are able to provide our services in the areas of Horsham and Werrima.