Pruning Services

Tree Pruning

Tree pruning may be required to remove dead or decayed branches. It can also make the tree look more attractive. Tree pruning increases the amount of sunlight the undergrowth gets. This method may be necessary if some of the branches are obstructing the pathway or dropping leaves into the gutter.

It is important when pruning that the tree’s limbs are kept intact, as this is what helps the tree stay upright. If the tree has been damaged or there are dead branches, it is vital that these be removed immediately. Dead branches take up some of the nutrients and water that other living branches need for survival.

Tree pruning must be done with care because if done wrong, the tree is subject to horrible fungus growth and invites insects into the area. This may also be caused if the tree is too thick and branches are clumped close together. If this is the case, light cannot reach all sections of the tree and air is not being circulated evenly throughout the tree.

Branches that are beginning to grow inward must also be removed. It is unhealthy as it requires more energy for the tree to push the nutrients and water to these branches where the energy could be spent helping the tree grow properly.

The rest of the pruning should be to shape the tree. Not only does shaping the tree make it look good, it is also healthier that it has an even and well-rounded shape. However, it should be noted that the least amount of removal should be done because cutting a tree opens its system to fungus growth and insect infestation. There should never be more than 1/3 of the tree without limbs or branches as this can cause stress on the trunk.

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