Tree removal

If a tree is unable to be maintained any longer, tree removal is the best option to reduce potential problems such as damage to property or taking up water and nutrients that it can not survive on.

There are a many reasons why a you may need tree removal services:

  • The tree is structurally unstable
  • There are several dead branches or a main limb has died
  • The trunk or roots are damaged
  • Insect infestation
  • Rot

You may have considered the issues of clearing away trees. When uprooting trees, the soil becomes loose and may affect the roots in the surrounding underbrush. The foliage from trees also provide shade which decreases the amount of heat on your property (however a disadvantage of this is that it also blocks sunlight from surrounding plants). Although this may be the case, depending on the situation of your tree, removing it is the better option. It is more likely that a damaged tree will be detrimental, especially because the longer you leave an affected tree alive, the more structurally unsound it becomes. If the tree is close to any buildings, removing it immediately is the best course of action, before harm can be done.

If you believe you need a tree removed, we at Nelson’s Tree Services are the experts and are eager to help, We offer our resources in the Horsham and Wimmera areas. We carry professional equipment that allows all types of trees to be removed in the safest way possible. It is important to have the appropriate machinery and training for this work as it can be physically challenging. We’ve been working in this industry for ten years. Our staff have assessed and extracted many trees. We are efficient and hard-working, and one of our services is that we offer careful removal of trees. You can reach us at 0428 833 232 or visit our Contact Us page.