Uplifting, also known as crown lifting, is a type of tree pruning in which the crown of the tree (i.e. all of the branches and foliage) is reduced in size from the underside.

Limbs and branches that are too low can cause problems for people and the tree itself. It may be an obstacle on the footpath or driveway and it also puts pressure on the trunk of the tree. The lower a crown is, the more stress it puts on the tree. It also lessens the amount of light that can reach the lower branches and the underbrush. Removing the lower portion of the crown also decreases the foliage litter. Another benefit to this method of tree pruning is that it can increase the view.

If a tree has completely matured and has an unsuitable crown, uplifting is not the ideal option as this is the time period in which the tree is most vulnerable to large wounds that can attract insects and promote fungal growth. This can be alleviated by asking for crown lifting as soon as you are concerned. This does not affect its apical growth as the nutrients and water will be provided to the higher branches.
However, if the tree has reached maturity, the better alternative is tree removal.
Also be wary that uplifting needs to be done with careful consideration. Excessive removal opens up wounds and affects the tree’s balance. The tree should always have at least 2/3 of its healthy branches intact and be shaped properly.

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